Young and Talented Musical band the Thiiirdeye

band the on the rise out of the parish Ocho Rios. The Thiiirdeye band start there high school hop at the York Castle High School in brown’s Town. The threo band has been making a buzz for them selves with there release of Honey Dew, Unexplained and Farewell, which are making a scene in the reggae industry with there newly mixture of acoustic, reggae, pop and alternative combine to develop such wonderful work of music.

The band members are: Choruz (lead singer) Troy (Guitarist) and Mario (Guitarist). The three musical minds has been working together for over 5 years and is now on the verge of making their break through on the international musical level with there hits songs, which are making a incredible vibration on our local radio station.

The Thiiirdeye has events looking forward to such as there College tours, commence with a live performance at Jamiesa, located in Ocho Rios. The band set to perform among Akeino, who has made a buzz for himself on the music industry.

Drug Awareness

The Ministry of Justice And Ministry of Health is set to target the youth this year, MOJ and MOH Officer’s, Miss Nordia Henry and Samatha Bartley has revealed.

November is being observed as Drug Awareness Month, this year under the theme “Youth, Let’s Talk About Alcohol and Other Drugs—A Conversation That Could Change Your Life.

“We want to over-emphasize that drugs affect people negatively. Drugs affect you on an individual level, affects the family and the wider society. But we also want to seek to help the young people understand that they are very resourceful, that they can be empowered, and that there is so much good inside of them,” he explained. “So, we want to take this opportunity and every opportunity that we get, to help strengthen the resolve of the youth in terms of staying away from drugs [and] from the people who do drugs, as much as possible, and the places they do drugs.”

Miss Henry and Bartley spoke of the  aim to “delay the first use of drugs among young people” in order to decrease experimentation and addiction. they implored the young people to learn from the mistakes of existing addicts.